Aurora is the alpha of Rainfall Pack. She is a pearl-blue-white-colored wolf with silver eyes, with pearl-colored hawk wings.


Aurora is first seen as the Alpha Female of Rainfall Pack. She is cunning and lithe, also shown to be a strong swimmer.

Aurora does not take kindly to strangers or outsiders, but has somewhat of a soft spot for her pack and Lightning Pack.

Hermes tells her that he loves her, and at first Aurora is surprised. She thinks it's a joke. Hermes is wounded emotionally.

Afterward, Aurora realizes that she loves Hermes in return. They talk, she apologizes, and he asks her to be his mate. She accepts.

Hermes becomes Alpha Male, but Aurora is still shown to hold dominance over the pack.

Aurora first tries to teach Ahadi a couple things while he is still young, but after attempting to teach him to fly, Kovu becomes angry at her because Ahadi fell. Aurora is angry in return, but she respects the decisions of the pup's parents, so she leaves Ahadi alone.

Aurora begins to teach Mufasa instead, and is shown to become cold and distant to Ahadi.

Aurora finds Ahadi in camp one day, sitting in a dark corner. She approaches him, and when she tries to ask him what's wrong, he tries to get away from her by digging a pit, where he hides. Aurora does not leave. She discovers that Ahadi doesn't want to be trained by Faded Glory, he wants to be trained by her. Aurora gives in, and agrees.

She announces Ahadi, Mufasa, Alari, and Vitani's rise to to the rank of Tyro.

Aurora is assigned to teach Ahadi.

When Snowbell comes into the camp, Aurora is a little surprised to see that she and Ahadi have feelings for each other. She takes both of them out to train, not wanting to seperate them. They start a session on swimming, then return to camp because of chilly winds.