The Lightning Pack lives in a large hollow guarded by rocks, trees, and wolves. There are big, hollowed out trees, and caves for dens, and the wolves feed off forest prey, and smaller animals.


Alpha: Snake- A dark red Brujo with yellow and black stripes, scars, wings, and green eyes. RPed By Nighty98

Alpha Female: None Chosen Yet


Healer: Kovan - A gray-white-furred Brujo with silver eyes. RPed by Agent WindFire

Troopers: Raven - A black-furred Femmora with lilac-violet eyes. RPed by Agent WindFire

Kalakyu - Handsome gray and white Brujo with blue eyes. RPed by Echo

Lupin - gorgous silver she-wolf with blazing amber eyes. RPed by Echo.

Buckbeak - Handsome gray and white Brujo; resembles Kalakyu but with yellow eyes. RPed by Echo.

Lukara - Beautiful white she-wolf with yellow eyes. RPed by Echo.

Daydream - A gorgous silver she-wolf; Resembles Lupin but with blue eyes. RPed by Dovesong

Lucas - A all black brujo with red eyes. RPed by Frostyness.





Former WolvesEdit

Equaladue - Brown shaggy dog; Brujo; with two heads. RPed by Echo.

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