Rainfall Pack is a pack that lives in a more open area than their neighbor across the river, Lightning Pack. There are trees around the clearing, willows, oaks, and maples. Dens are half-above ground, half below at the entrance, and all the way under inside. This is to cool when the weather is warm, and insulate when the weather is cold.


Alpha Male - Hermes - A Brujo with a brown colored pelt, two legs are lighter with black toes and the other two legs are black with light brown toes; Silver wings; A tuft of maroon fur on his forhead; Brown eyes. RPed by Draco

Alpha Female - Aurora - A Femmora with a shimmering white-silvery-blue pelt and silver eyes. RPed by Agent WindFire

Deputy -

Healer -

Troopers -

Tyros -

Empresses -

Kiara - RPed by Frostyness

Pups: Ahadi, Mufasa, _, _

Pups -

Mufasa - A gold-pelted Brujo with brown eyes. RPed by Agent WindFire

Ahadi - RPed by Frostyness